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The EN 812 standard deals with Industrial bump caps that provide protection to the wearer against the effects of striking the head against hard, stationary objects with sufficient force to cause lacerations or other superficial injuries or to stun the wearer. They are primarily intended for indoor use.

Bump caps are not intended to provide protection against the effects of falling or thrown objects, or moving or suspended loads, and should not be substituted for head protection with industrial applications under standards ANSI Z89, CSA Z94, or EN 397
Testing requirements for the EN 812 standard :
The samples must be subjected to testing in the state in which they are sold. A certain number of samples are subjected for the realization of the tests.
The enclosure of testing environment must be sufficiently large so that the product does not touch the sides.
Low temperature: exposed to -10°C between 4 and 24hrs (+-2°C)
High temperature: exposed to 50°C between 4 and 24hrs (+-2°C)
Immersion in water: completely submerged between 4 and 24hrs at temperature of 20°C
Artificial ageing: Products are subjected to xenon light. The product must not come into contact with containment walls
Testingatmosphere: 22 ° C (+- 5°C)
Shock Absorption: A percussion mass of 5 kg whose percussion face is a plane of 100 mm must be positioned with the top of the false head and nothing must block its fall. The percussion mass must be released on the top of the cap of the helmet at a height of 300 mm (+ - 5mm), corresponding to an energy of 12.5j.
Penetration resistance: Percussion mass of 500g which free falls from a 300 mm height (+ - 5mm).
Flame resistance: Product exposed to a minimum 95% pure propane flame with for 10 seconds. Product must self extinguish within 5 seconds after the removal of the flame.



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